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Dr Rahul Dixit is the first-rated physiotherapy centre in Sector 66, Noida. The clinic is a well-equipped and well-maintained place where you will be treated carefully by the experienced doctors. The clinic is sectioned into a separate waiting area for the patients accompanied by their peers and family members. The consultants attend patients in a separate consulting room where the practitioner analyzes the medical condition of the patients during the consulting timings.

During your first visit to Dr Rahul Dixit physiotherapy clinic, your medical history will be thoroughly examined by the doctor and the best possible treatment will be provided to you under the supervision of the most qualified doctors in the country.

Feel free to discuss all your medical hardships and the health issues for which you are willing to consult the doctor. Do not feel shy to disclose any medical event that has occurred in your past life. At Dr Rahul Dixit physiotherapy centre we value the privacy of our patients. Whatever trouble you might be facing will be cleared away with the right medication given at our clinic.

After conducting a simple examination of your and confirming the symptoms of the disease. The best physiotherapist in Noida will prescribe a most suited course of medicines that you need to consume at the prescribed day and time. The clinic is open from 9 AM to 7:30 PM to serve the patients with love and care. You may make a payment with ease using any of the following modes of payment, including cash, master card, visa card, debit cards, cheques, American Express card, credit card. Please Scroll To The Top For The Address And Contact Details Of Dr Rahul Dixit Physiotherapy Centre in Sector 66, Noida.

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