Physiotherapists For Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis is a condition when a person faces difficulty in facial movements such as smiling or closing eyes due to nerve damage. In this condition, a person's facial muscles may become weak. Facial paralysis can be seen on one side or both sides of the face. There are some common causes of facial paralysis such as inflammation of the facial nerve, head trauma, head or neck tumor, stroke.

Symptoms which you may face in facial paralysis such as loss of blinking control on the affected side, decreased tearing, slurred speech, drooling, drooping of the mouth to the affected side, altered sense of taste, sound hypersensitivity on the affected side, pain in or behind the ear, difficulty eating or drinking. We have a team of adept Physiotherapists For Facial Paralysis In Noida who help the patients in improving Facial Paralysis through Physiotherapy.

The aim we set of Physiotherapy discussed below-

  • • Improve stiff facial muscles.
  • • Overcome on weak and stiff muscles
  • • Taping technique
  • • Muscle re-education exercises, which are useful in reviving normal movements.
  • • Transcutaneous electrical stimulation for denervated facial muscles.
  • • Soft tissue techniques are utilized before restoration to help prevent lasting contractures of the paralyzed facial muscles.

You need to discuss all of your symptoms, condition, and ailment with our specialists. Our Physiotherapists For Facial Paralysis In Noida will check the condition of muscles and the nerves through lifting your eyebrow, closing your eye, smiling, and grimacing. Tests such as electromyography (which examines the condition of muscles and the nerves that control them), imaging scans, and blood tests are helped our specialists to recognize the condition. We assure you that you won’t be dissatisfied with our provided therapy. Contact us today to get result-driven therapy.

Physiotherapists For Facial Paralysis In Noida

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